• Shadow Side

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The dark contrast side of a person’s personality if they deliberately suppress a core component of being a man and being happy in his pursuits.

    Full Definition:

    In the self development and more specifically the “getting good with women” self development circle, there the concept of the dark side. In relates to man’s primal motives of being free, and pursuing all that he can in his health, wealth, and relationship needs.

    For example, people that just relax all the time may seem happy. Sometimes, you can catch a glimpse of their shadow side. If they haven’t handled financial side, and they ignore it, they can become resentful or angry about it when an incident related to finance occurs.

    Certain people who worked at Google at large companies in my past have shown dark sides. They know they can do better, but their fear of the unknown narrow road prevents them from taking that step. And they slowly hate themselves for it, over time serving someone else’s goals instead of their own.

    I’ve also met people who are “successful” in the valley but yet when it comes to girls, will betray their best friends in getting her. They talk a big game but their actions speak otherwise. They have neglected to develop their skills as an attractive man, and therefore has used excuses as to why “picking up girls” is lame. In paradox, he is covering up his inability to get woman with his ability to work hard and get money. Any free expression of money, wealth, sex, health, and love is usually good, and the suppression of it creates a twisted paradox, much like the catholic priests who molest little boys.


    Some people who develop chronic diseases also have a dark side. I remember getting RSI (repetitive stress injury) and becoming bitter and angry until I found (thankfully) a solution to my problem. In away, what the dark side is is that when a man doesn’t confront and actively pursue freedom and a competence in these 3 areas, eventually he develops a shadow side towards it. A man in his prime should:

    1) Attract women

    2) Be healthy and physically fit (barring any accidents or health issues he cannot control)

    3) Be able to generate wealth and handle himself financially

    Being aware of your dark side allows you to develop a warning system of your inability in an area, and to actively pursue it.

    Usage: Be careful of your dark side.

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