• Shadow Benefit

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A hidden and often overlooked benefit in an otherwise dire situation.

    Full Definition:

    Every object in light casts a shadow. Often, things may go wrong or appear to be bad. There’s always a silver lining. For example, feminists may blame you for objectifying women. Silver lining: there are girls who are on your side who think the feminists have gone too far. Or you can be a political candidate with different fans. There will always be haters, and loyal fans if you do anything of significance in your life. So start embracing them.

    Night club is full of lesbians? No problem. Hangout and learn to befriend girls. Work on you charisma and friendship skills. Whatever situation you are in, look for the shadow benefit if things seem bleak at first. Learning to reframe each situation to your advantage, is the mark of a winner. Examples:


    |–> Shadow Benefit

    There are too many guys here  

    |–> I can practice against tougher competition / most guys don’t approach girls they don’t know so I can stand out

    The girls aren’t cute enough

    |–> Game should be easier here and if I get rejected, it doesn’t’ really matter

    But I’m really horny 

    |–> I’m here to improve my skills, and hey there’s always Internet porn – guys 20 years ago did not have this privilege!

    Shes’ just not my type

     |–> I can make a new female friend who can be a great and loyal friend

    Learn to see the shadow benefit in-field and in your life and you will always be a winner, even when times are tough. Another way to look at it is to see “hidden advantages”. Let’s say you’re mute. This gives you an opportunity to listen and observe people more closely



    What’s the shadow benefit of this situation?

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