Sexual Tension

Quick Definition: A social situation where two individuals interact with one another and both feel sexual desire, but tension is created because it is repressed from the “obvious” communication channels (verbally) but reinforced via the person’s energy, vibe, eye contact, body language or a combination of the above.

Full Definition:

To think about it simply: Sexual Tension = Pause + Eye Contact. It is subcommunication. Something that is secretly desired, but never happens, or isn’t supposed to happen. General sexual tension occurs between 2 people that are attracted to one another.

before the kiss
Every good kiss has a pause before it, and a good level of sexual tension.

Higher levels of mastery of “sexual tension” involves “false barrier fantasies” and can lead to extreme levels of sexual arousal, when done correctly within the woman’s story-line. Every romance novel and girl show has sexual tension. If you just studied and analyzed this aspect of girl TV shows, you will gain a deeper understanding of attraction.

To practice generating sexual tension, try looking deeply into a girl’s eyes. You can increase sexual tension with a girl “friend”, when done correctly. Pause, become quiet and strong, and look her in her eyes for 10 seconds. It will get uncomfortable if it is someone you’re not sexually attracted to, but the result will be interesting.

Every scene with Mr. Big before Carrie has sex with him has some sort of sexual tension, and even afterwards. It is the everlasting push pull between our desire, what we can truly have, and cannot have, in this world.

Richard demonstrates at sexual tension at 32:00

Usage: Every PUA should know how to generate sexual tension.

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