Sexual Stereotype

Quick Definition: A “type” of man whom some women find naturally sexually attractive.

Full Definition:

Sexual stereotypes are images from popular culture that are presented as being sexually desirable. Women who grow up being exposed to certain sexual stereotypes will often feel an unconscious attraction towards men who fit into that stereotype.

For example, one common sexual stereotype is the rock star. A rock star is someone who embodies many attractive qualities to women, as well as the masses. Rock stars bare their souls on stage, and their songs, clothes, and lifestyle are an expression of who they are. Rock stars take risks, are unpredictable, and are dangerous. Generally, rock stars are famous and are known for having a large following of groupies (pre-selection), of being a world traveler, and of having high social value (assumed fame and wealth).

Rock stars can come from all walks of life, not just on stage. The reason rock stars and other sexual stereotypes for men and women are attractive and interesting is because they are based off of a strong identity. Whether that identity was developed over time or innate in that person does not matter, for it has become a part of who they are.

Even though a PUA may not be a rock star, he can still take advantage of that sexual stereotype by dressing and behaving like one. If he is congruent with his identity, women who are attracted to the rock star “type” will feel attraction for him even before he has opened his mouth, because he fits into their blueprint of an attractive man.

Other common sexual stereotypes include biker, rapper, business man, and even construction worker. A PUA would do well to keep these different stereotypes in mind while putting together his avatar, and pick the one that he is most comfortable with. By modeling a sexual stereotype, a PUA can receive instant attraction from women who are attracted to that type.

For example, just in the realm of “rock stars” alone, the avatar can extend beyond that of the musician rock star to encompass:

Similar sexual stereotypes exist for women as well. Common sexual stereotypes for women include strippers, school girls, and the “girl next door” types. And just as with women, some men are naturally attracted to certain types of girls, based on cultural upbringing.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that sexual stereotypes are polarizing. For example, though some women may be very attracted to punk rock types, other women may have just the opposite reaction by only responding positively to the smart, professor type men. Women and men are attracted to different stereotypes, so it is important to choose an identity that matches the desired stereotype of the artist’s ideal mate, while remaining congruent to the artist’s core identity.


The modern teen vampire has become a popular sexual stereotype in the media these days

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