Sexual State

Quick Definition: Getting into a sexual/sensual mode and communicating it outwardly to the woman.

Full Definition:

Getting into a sexual state is a powerful way to phase-shift from the comfort phase to seduction and actual sex. Getting into a sexual state involves lowering one’s energy level, lowering and slowing down one’s voice tone, and looking at the woman in a seductive, almost hungry, manner.

As with all areas of pickup, the best way to convey that one is in a sexual state is to actually be in it. Consciously trying to convey these cues will most likely come off as creepy or incongruent. The important thing for the PUA is to let go of any negative social conditioning he may have, and clearly communicate his sexual desire to the woman in a nonverbal way.

If the woman is at all interested, she will follow the PUA’s lead and also enter into a sexual state. From there, the PUA can go in for a kiss and escalate sexually (assuming he is in a proper sex location).

In direct game, a PUA will often start off an interaction already in a sexual state. This serves the purpose of screening out women who are not immediately interested in sex, which can lead to quick pulls and ZNSs.


I felt like I’d built up enough rapport, so I entered into a sexual state, and before I knew it, we were making out.

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