• Sexual Market Value (SMV)

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    Quick Definition:  The value that a person has within the sexual marketplace, i.e. how sexually attractive they are to the opposite sex.

    Full Definition:

    Sexual market value is a concept taken from Economics, and refers to how sexually attractive a person is to the opposite sex within the sexual marketplace. Broadly speaking, the higher one’s sexual market value, the more sexually attractive they are and the more access they have to sex.

    Sexual Market Value

    The higher a man’s SMV, the more options he has on the sexual marketplace

    A woman’s sexual market value is readily apparent, because the primary component of a girl’s SMV is her physical attractiveness. If a woman is physically attractive, she is automatically sexually attractive to most guys and she can thus “negotiate” more favorably on the sexual marketplace and attract higher value guys.

    Although men do take into account other factors when determining the SMV of women, such as personality & social status, these are all secondary characteristics next to physical beauty.

    Determining the SMV of a man is a little more complicated because women are choosier, and thus are less likely to sleep with a man solely based on his looks (although this does happen with very physically attractive guys, especially for one night stands).

    A man’s SMV is determined by factors such as money, power, social status, social dominance, sense of humor, and other characteristics (which Mystery is known for first formally documenting). Because these factors are complex, and because men often confuse what they find attractive in women with what women find attractive (see: attraction circuitry projection), a large part of pickup is educating men and developing the characteristics and traits of a high value man.

    The upside of the complex components of a man’s SMV is that many of them can be faked. A man’s SMV is also less tied to their physical looks, so men have more ability to increase their sexual market value compared with women.

    Also, because a person’s looks tend to decline over time, a woman’s SMV peaks in her mid-20s, whereas a man can continue to increase his SMV well into his 40s and 50s (many women even prefer older men; the opposite is rarely true).


    A large part of the game and what pickup artists do is building their SMV or learning ways to fake it, as well as learning to better communicate their SMV through techniques such as DHVs, without coming across as a braggart.


    That girl is really hot, she must have a high SMV. She could get any of the guys here.

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