• Sexual Market Place (SMP)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition:  The system in which men and women exchange goods and services (time, money, attention) for sex. Also known as the “dating market” or “relationship market.”

    Full Definition:

    The sexual marketplace is a concept taken from the field of Economics. In Economics, the term “market” or “market place” is defined as “the system, procedure, or social relations whereby parties engage in exchange” (via Wikipedia).

    Economic Marketplace

    The sexual marketplace is a concept borrowed from Economics

    Economists typically analyze the commercial marketplace, where goods and services are exchanged for money, but the same concepts can be applied to social interactions as well. In the sexual marketplace, the object being “traded” for is sex.

    Generally, women control the access to sex, and men obtain sex by providing things such as time, money, social status, and entertainment. Although both men and women enjoy sex and companionship, it is believed that men generally desire sex more and women value companionship more, and thus trade on the market accordingly (although these desires can change overtime).

    Success in the sexual market place is dependent on one’s sexual market value. The higher a man’s value, the more women will find him desirable and have sex with him. A large part of game, then, is to increase one’s market value so as to appeal to more women or become better at expressing one’s value (through DHVs).

    Another tactic that PUAs often use is “flipping the script” or role reversal, basically framing an interaction so that the girl is the one sexually perusing him, instead of vice versa. Since women are accustomed to guys chasing them for sex, instead of the other way around, this increases his value in the sexual marketplace.


    That guy has a really high value on the Sexual Market Place.

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