• Sexual Discretion

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Discretion

    Quick Definition: The sensibility and responsibility of a true artist to not brag about his sexual conquests.

    Full Definition:

    As Zan would say, “I would never betray a woman’s trust me in by divulging the details of our relationship. That is between me and her.”

    Given the secret society and the social consequences of being a “slut,” women generally are more discreet about their sex lives than men. In some ways, this is a double standard. A man who sleeps around is socially stereotyped a “stud,” while a woman who is known to sleep around is often called a “slut” and suffers many social consequences as a result. PUAs do not brag about their conquests. Sometimes, there is evidence of bragging in field or lay reports; however in most cases, these reports are written for the purposes of learning and documentation, and target names such as “HB8 Goth Girl” are used instead of real names.

    Discretion makes women more likely to indulge in a sexual adventure and, once sub-communicated, is one of the criteria that puts the PUA into “sex worthy” category over another guy. This is because women know that they can trust this seducer. Once this trust is established, she can be free to express herself without the negative social consequences that are associated with her gender role in society.

    Zan on the beauty of women and how to treat them:


    Practice discretion when you’re trying to build a social circle of female magnets

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