Quick Definition: Sending nude or arousing pictures via text messaging for the purposes of sexual arousal.

Full Definition:

With the advent of the mobile phone and tablets, sexting has evolved as teenagers and younger adults adopt new ways to flirt. Sexual exchanges of content have always flourished in all sorts of media, and the Internet was no exception. However, with huge cases like Tiger Woods and the ease with which electronic texts and phones can be hacked (and the information disseminated), it has become a security and moral issue with those involved.

Sexting can be a fun way to keep a girl interested or get additional investment from her if she lives far away. However, be careful to uphold your end of the bargain and keep the texts between you and her. A great seducer is one that never tells and respects the lady’s privacy. Never-mind the repercussions that could arise from scandals if “sexts” were exposed.


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Sexting can get old if you don’t replace it with the real thing eventually.

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