• Sex Worthy

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A man who is worthy of women choosing him for their sexual pleasures.

    Full Definition:

    The concept of the sex-worthy guy was developed by naturals within the community. They believed that you can tell if a guy is getting laid by simply observing him for 5 minutes. Is he well groomed and well dressed? How does he relate to people? Does he have that “cool, I just conquered the world” attitude that most women AND men find attractive and charismatic?

    Sex Worthy is more than just looks. It includes the inner beliefs of the individual and the way he moves about the world. This is a very different from a man who has self doubts or limited beliefs about what he can accomplish in life.

    Zan on the secret of women and being a man:


    Approach Priming works if you are really nervous in the beginning

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