• Sex Haze

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: When one is getting great sex but ignoring the flaws of the other person.

    Full Definition:

    When we are having great sex, we are blinded by the sex being so good versus actually getting to know the person. Sometimes, we have sex with people we don’t even like. Women are more prone to this due to the effects of oxytocin, however men can become attached too, or even needy. If she is a great sex partner, we may even craze her more than the other girls because she knows how to pleasure us in bed.

    Urban Dictionary defines it as “When people overlook certain negative aspects of their partner and/or tell everyone they’re in love, purely because they’re getting regular sex.”

    Carrie explains the “sex haze” in SATC:

    Sex haze usually lasts a few weeks and during this time, a real relationship can develop. Oftentimes, the reference to a “sex haze” inherently means that the person is not fully “present” to realize the other realities of their relationship and is “semi-conscious” doing the other things or being coerced into things. A man who knows how to have good sex and really control a woman that way. Similarly, pimps use drugs to create a “drug haze” that controls their women.

    Men who claim they love women can be in a “sex haze”, usually these guys are not getting sex elsewhere. A PUA who is good gets sex from multiple girls, and is usually less likely to be induced into a sex haze. If the girl is very good, or has a certain fetish or fantasy that matches the artist, then it is more likely he may get into a haze. Like all hazes, we have to voluntarily be induced, as eventually the drug-like effects wear off.

    Usage: She’s in a sex haze right now, she’ll snap out of it in 2 weeks after her period.

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