• Sex God Method (SGM)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Review of the E-book Sex God Method from Daniel Rose.

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    Sex God Method Table of Contents:

    sex god method

    Sex God Method strikes a chord with women

    I first heard about the Sex God Method from a female PUA on the forums. She recommended that all the guys read it. When I visited the site I wasn’t impressed  by Daniel’s personal introduction. He spoke a little too fast and it was hard to understand him.

    However, as I browsed through the contents,  I was thoroughly impressed. Here is a PUA who has thoroughly studied and tested the best sexual techniques. Better yet, he explains the principles behind sexual dominance. The whole book follows the 4 cornerstones of good sex: the DEVI Model.

    DEVI =





    While these seem self explanatory at first, Dan goes into great detail into calibrating each element of it to produce different “types” of sex. For example, raw dominance mixed with a rape fantasy creates a very strong physical sex experience. Strong emotion and immersion creates a bonding experience for strong relationships.

    Dan argues that the BIGGEST DHV and attraction switch is SEX. And after reading this book, I agree with him. The e-book starts out with framing and reseting what most guys (including PUAs) think about sex:

    First and foremost, Dominance is a mentality. You must internalize the beliefs that as a male you rae inherently dominant, and as a female she is inherently submissive.e This is both right and natural. Although she can never verbalize it, deep down she craves the fucking that only a dominant alpha male can give her. By dominatingher in bed, you are not disrespeting her or doing anything wrong. You are giving her a gift of intense sexual pleasure.
    The average guy never gets to see this side of female sexuality, but once you have you may be surprised. Sexually healthy women all want dominant sex; at times they all want to be treated like a piece of meat in the bedroom, to be voilated and used like a slut. They all want you to rip their clothes off over their token objections, to talk dirty to them, and to be helpless as you make them cum over and over again. This is nothing wrong with this; in fact, it is a very natural and beautiful thing.


    Dan devotes a whole second section to creating sexual fantasies, and the basis of why these incur powerful emotions. I was pretty shocked to find the pregnancy fantasy, but found similar findings of the rape fantasy, the daddy fantasy, the virgin fantasy, the threesome fantasy, church, “little slut” and other taboo related topics. You’ll have to read it for yourself to find out the details on creating these scenarios and the power of words during sex.


    I didn’t find any negatives about this book, other than that in the video, Dan could have spoke a little slower. Upon applying the methods in this book, I was able to get girls that were having one night stands with me to develop a long term sexual relationship. Some of these girls will give you pressure to be exclusive after a while. However, the very fact that you are a guy who is good in bed gives you leverage in your pickup and relationship options.

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    Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com April 17, 2010 - 12:15 am

    Deep down she craves the fucking that only an alpha dominant male can give her. This is SO true! But something that as a feminist society we like to deny to ourselves. If we all admitted it to ourselves but never said anything about it everyones sex life would go up 10 fold.

    alphawolf April 17, 2010 - 2:13 am

    Most of the nicest girls I’ve met have liked the dirty things in bed. On a deep level this is true. Some variations occur between cultures but usually it is embedded in the natural sex drive.

    Good product overall, helped me big time and gives the guy the power in the relationship because my GF knows that she will NOT be able to find this kind of good sex easily elsewhere.

    Johnny Wolf May 28, 2010 - 12:16 pm

    I know Daniel Rose personally, and am one of the few guys to be in the same room with him while he was fucking a girl. (long story, maybe I’ll put it up on my blog sometime)

    He knows his stuff. =)


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