Sex and Dating in the Big City, 24/7 Attractive Style

Do you live in a big city? Well if you do, then you’re in luck. You can date many, many attractive women by increasing your awareness with this article.

Big Cities usually have more interesting things to do on a daily basis versus smaller ones. Literally everyday there’s some festival, social event or mini-marathon, and in terms of groups, cliques, and places to go to big cities never fail in terms of diversity of cultures. Big cities are hot spots if you want to discover all sorts of things. When I usually do a program in a big city, some of my ladies there take me out during my off-duty. We can go from having some authentic African food using our hands, to checking out some architectural wonders, to having some unique cocktails at a futuristic-looking bar, to going to a hippie party the next day.

Now, here’s the “blind spot” that most guys are missing out on:

Women in big cities usually have

a) A very limited amount of friends, usually 3-4 in their core group, and

b) Are very, very bored. Most usually stay at home.

I had this conclusion after several years of flying in and out of big cities to do programs. Whether it was New York, London, San Francisco, or Singapore, a lot of these women basically stayed home if their core groups weren’t out! When it finally dawned on me that women in big cities were very bored with the lack of “action” I literally made sure to take advantage of that.

Case Study I: “I’m bored, I think I’ll go out with him…”

I had a student once in the Bay Area who told me about his story before he met me. He had managed to go on sixty coffee dates in a row with all sorts of women there. Previously, I’d see him force a number close on women and when I saw one of the girls show up, I can tell that she literally had nothing to do and just figured to go out.

Of course none of them converted into a lay or a girlfriend as he was still pretty novice then, but STILL the fact remains that despite his lack of game there were sixty women who told themselves, “hey, it can’t hurt to come out and see what this guy is about, right?”

See, even with all these interesting things to do, without a guy or a friend to go out with, they’re pointless. Big City women would rather stay home and hang out with their core group of friends at their houses.

Imagine if he actually had game, what could have happened to those sixty dates?

Case Study II: Holy Bejeezus 20-Something Women for $40?!?

We made an experiment once by creating a Meet Up group (from in another big city. I think it cost us $40 to set something up. We were going to do it to get some guys out for our free seminars when I’d fly out there for a Masterclass.

As part of Preconceived Seduction (our own personal brand of seduction at 24/7), all I did was insert my core values and beliefs on dating, with the group being a social skills and dating society.

What was really shocking was that within ONE day we had 22 members, 85% of which were women who were willing to meet and hang out! We got…

“Hi, I’m Stacey. Single Professional. I’d love to have more interesting things to do and people to meet…”

“”I’m Rebecca, a Graduate student in landscape architecture currently pursuing dream job and career change. A formally trained artist with a degree. I am looking to reconnect to my artistic roots and other artists after a 10 yr. hiatus in my previous career”

“Hey I’m Kate, am a New York native and would really like to learn how to date NOT using the internet!”

Now mind you these aren’t ugly girls. Their photos are on our meet up site and I have to say some of them are pretty cute! Some of these groups actually have 200, 300 members and you’d be INSANE not to tap into that!  As I’ve said, if you live in a bigger city, the chances of taking girls out is very, very easy.

Big City Women and Flaking

If you’re the guy that just has conversations then suddenly number closes without any foreshadowing, you may be experiencing some women in the big city flaking on you. If women flake out on you then in my opinion you have to work on your foreshadowing skills, a hallmark move where we talk about the date ahead of time in our conversations. Foreshadowing the date ahead of time reduces flaking dramatically.

It’s Time to Take Advantage!

Okay, now that you know this, I want you to become more aggressive with suggesting dates. Have 3 awesome dates already planned out, like “coffee by the marina”, or “cocktails at the hotel rooftop bar with the nice balcony” or “joining the battle for cancer 5k run” and just suggest them to women you meet.