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    By on December 27, 2008

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    Quick Definition: A group of people in a social situation.

    Full Definition:

    The term “set” is was coined by Mystery and is taken from magicians, who use the word to refer to their audiences. In pickup, it is used as shorthand from any group of people that a PUA approaches during the course of sarging. For example, a 2-set is a set that contains two people, a 3-set has three members, and a mixed set is a set that contains both men and women.

    The dynamics of sets vary depending on the number of people in the set, the gender of its members, and the relationships that exist between them. Group theory is one way to understand the social dynamics with variations in set structure and how to navigate appropriately to the target.



    Often, a PUA will approach a set with a specific target that they are interested in, but sets can also be used as practice or warm-ups, or simply social proof that will advance one’s social standing in a venue.


    There’s a 2-set we should approach.

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    Source: Mystery

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