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    Quick Definition: The skill of selecting the right sets to approach.

    Full Definition:

    Knowing which sets to approach is as almost a crucial skill for a pickup artist as knowing how to approach them. There are a number of factors that a pickup artist must weigh when selecting a set to approach. These factors can have a significant effect on the success or lack there of of the sarge and should therefore be carefully considered before jumping in head first.

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    A few examples of such factors include:

    Timing – In pickup timing is everything. For example you wouldn’t want to approach a set of girls that just met a group of their friends. If you do approach at that moment, you’ll most likely be ignored while the girls go through the usual routine of screams, hugs and giggles. And sticking around until they’re done with that will just come off to desperate.

    Energy and Vibe – When approaching a set, you should ideally look out for one with an energy and vibe that’s slightly lower key than yours. If the girls energy levels are way higher than yours, they will most likely be bored pretty soon and blow you out. If their energy levels are far lower than yours, you run the risk of making them uncomfortable or creeping them out.

    Empathy – A crucial part of set selection is being able to put yourself in your target’s shoes. For example, if a girl looks down or depressed you should know that she probably wouldn’t want a guy coming in with a very high energy ‘Sex and the City opener’.

    Social Roles – A pickup artist must be attuned to the different social roles that the people in a set might be expected to play. This is part of his awareness. For example, if a girl looks like she’s out with her colleagues from work, she might not feel as free to interact with you as she normally would for a fear of being judged.

    Obstacles – Attractive women are very rarely found out in public alone. Any given set will most probably consist of other female friends, male friends, hanger-ons, boyfriends, cockblocks and a whole heap of other social elements. A pickup artist must learn to identify these and decide on how to proceed. A good line to find out the social dynamics of a group is to ask them how they all know each other right after introducing yourself.


    Set selection is as almost as your opening skills.

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