• Set Rich Environment (SRE)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Target Rich Venue

    Quick Definition: A venue or location with a high ratio of single female to male ratio. (Or vice versa if you are a FPUA.)

    Full Definition:

    A Set Rich Environment (SRE) is a venue that has a much higher female to male ratio than what is normally known. This is generally an occurrence in major cities where bouncers control the amount of women in a club. It can also be used to describe a club, mall, coffee shop, or book shop with a large number of hot women inside. SREs are hard to come across, and when they are found they must be used accordingly.


    The dog park is a SRE locati0n on Thursday afternoons.

    Related Terms: Set, Venue, Group Theory, Wing Girls, Clubs, Target, Flash Game, DHV, Social Proof, Selection Dynamics

    Source: Credit to Charm (PUA)

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