• Set for Spring

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Unless you’re one of the lucky—and smart—among us who’s retreated to warmer climates, it’s COLD right now. While it’s hard to imagine the temperature ever rising, it’ll be spring in no time. And with the fairer season comes lighter layers, breathable fabrics and comfortable kicks. Will you be ready? Here’s your guide to next season’s best, fully digested and totally accessible to the Every Man. Bomber jackets? Cooler than ever. Pops of color? Why not? A new preppy? Bring it. Happy spring.

    Spring Trend #1: White jeans
    Once reserved for the other gender, white denim has gotten a decidedly masculine makeover in the last year, and they’re worth a look. Perfect in classic or slim cut, white jeans are as casual as the traditional blue and can be styled just as simply. Pair them with sneakers (the non-running, non-hiking, non-gym kind) and a t-shirt or pull-over. But remember, keep these cool, clean classics tucked away until spring or summer and stick with dark denim in the colder months. 

    White jeans are just as casual as blue. Pair with simple sneakers and a comfortable tee.

    White jeans are just as casual as blue. Pair with simple sneakers and a comfortable tee.

    Spring Trend #2: Corals & Jewel Tones
    When Pantone previewed its Fashion Color Report for spring 2013, it was packed with corals and rich jewel tones. Emeralds, vibrant blues, poppy red, orange and steel gray (a classic, for good measure) made the cut, among others. We know what you’re thinking: “where am I going to wear these?” We’re not saying run out and grab a bright red suit—though Michael Kors had a killer one on his fall runway—but try integrating some of these eye-catching colors in a classic look you’ve already perfected. An orange tie looks great against a steel gray or pinstriped suit. Monaco Blue is a hot finish to a traditional dark or black jacket. Give it a shot. You’ll turn heads without breaking the bank.

    Spring Trend #3: The bomber jacket
    Modern bomber jackets were everywhere in Paris and Milan this past fall. This classic coat is back in a big way, and should be a no-brainer when you’re snagging new pieces for spring. Edgy and utilitarian, the new fitted bomber goes with just about anything. They’re popping up in satin, cotton and rich leather, so grab whatever suits your look and you’re good to go. Wear it over everything—t-shirts, tailored sweatshirts, button-downs—straight through the summer months.

    Spring Trend #4: Prep
    Did it ever really go away? Tommy Hilfiger continues to rock the runway with his iconic prep-inspired sportswear collections, and other designers are quickly taking notice. Sophisticated, sharp and always easy to wear, the New Prep is decidedly more quirky and well-accessorized than in the past. But don’t panic. The classics you love—the well-tailored slacks, rich fabrics, simple silhouettes—are still front-and-center.

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