• Sense of Urgency

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A sales tactic to add a feeling of urgency is order to assist the buyer to make a decision that usually benefits him, however the value or benefit wasn’t clear before the sense of urgency is anchored into his mind.

    Full Definition:

    A common sales tactic that was developed in the 80s, this method works in tangent with the human mind’s psychology to put things off that they deem as “not urgent”. As such, to close sales deals, the person has to be able to relay a sense of urgency to the buyer. This is different than putting pressure on the person. Rather, it is a way for the other person to realize how this decision affects them, or to have a legitimate excuse that they can latch onto and relate to in order to make a buying decision.

    sense of urgency

    Without a sense of urgency, decisions get put off

    With pick up, sometimes the girl needs to feel a sense of urgency to be able to go home with you. This can be created via:

    1. A time constraint: “I’m only here for 2 more days before going back home. Let’s hang out tonight”
    2. An excuse so she doesn’t seem like a slut, “we’re going back to my place so I can show you those DVDs we were talking about”
    3. Addressing potential cockblocks: “your friends want to make sure you arrive home safely, so walk with me”
    4. “We can just cuddle, keep it PG 13” (If she agrees, 99% of the time ends up in sex – based on my own field reports)


    She needs to feel a sense of urgency if you want her tonight

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