Selvage (also known as selvedge in British English) is a term for denim that has a self-finished edge (i.e. “self-edge”). The self-edge means that the denim will not unravel or become frayed, because it is one continuous piece, rather than having to be stitched like non-selvage jeans.

Selvage jeans are more durable than regular jeans, but are more expensive because they can only be made with old-style shuttle looms, and also use slightly more fabric than non-selvage denim.

Selvage jeans are popular among denim aficionados because of their higher quality, and they often wear their jeans sleeves rolled up to show off the quality of their jeans. Some popular brands for selvage jeans include Nudie, Naked, Famous, and Imperial Denim.

Selvage Jeans
Example of selvage jeans
Selvedge Jeans From Gap
Selvedge jeans from Gap
Rolled Selvage Denim
Rolled Selvage Denim

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