Self Development Lifestyle

Quick Definition: The life cycle and process of a man (or woman) who is properly applying and learning self development techniques, whether by themselves or usually in a group.

Full Definition:

The self develop community is a big one, ranging from financial well being to working out to picking up girls.

Some people say that the self development community is a sham, and indeed like all industries where money is filtered, there are charlatans and half-assed “gurus” out there to take your money. Recognizing talent can become difficult in a room full of people who are not as good as they say they are.

There are also those who are in the community but derive a self of being from being in it, and never really evolve. Like the guy who joins yoga to meet girls but never really learns the postures or techniques, the self development junkie likes the attention and social aspect of it, but when he goes back home, never really fully understand and applies the principles that will help him get rich.

On the other end of the spectrum, a guy who has his shit together. Well dressed, financially table, and able to get girls. Has a healthy body and lifestyle. This is the real self development lifestyle. Each person’s priorities are different, and he takes the seminars that will help his own process in getting to the next step. He’s not trapped in the social or admirational aspects of this game, and instead focuses on getting better.

The self development lifestyle is a fulfilling one, when done right. Freedom. Financially, Socially, With Women, Healthy lifestyle. This is the epitomy of what one should strive for.


Usage: Do you live the self development lifestyle?

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