• Selective Ignorance

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A conscious decision to ignore any information or advice that is of little or no use.

    Full Definition:

    The pickup community has changed drastically since it began a few decades ago. While at its inception there were just a handful of pickup artists teaching pickup, and only a few significant schools of thought on the subject, today there are literally thousands of pickup gurus plying their theories and methodologies to men around the world. It’s come to a point where top 10 lists exist for pickup gurus and the game itself isn’t so much a subculture now.

    Such an environment presents both an advantage and a hindrance to the beginner pickup artist. The advantage is that with so many schools of pickup to chose from, budding PUAs can try out different methods of game until they find a system that works for them. The disadvantage is that with so many different types of information readily available, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of knowledge and end up a practitioner of many and a master of none.

    Focusing on the word focus

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    And this is where your selective ignorance comes in. Like Bruce Lee once said, it is wiser to fear a man who has practiced one kick a thousand times as opposed to the man who has practiced a thousand kicks once. To become a truly great pickup artist, it is important to experiment initially with different types of game and settle on one, or a combination of a few that you feel best fits your character. By doing so you tend to improve much faster. It’s the law of focus. But this also means that you will often encounter view points that differ and sometimes outright disagree with whichever it is you’re following. While it can be advantageous to have an open mind at times, if you are 100% sure of the methodologies and ideas you’ve selected, it’s important to practice selective ignorance to ignore this unnecessary informational interference.

    That said, it is important not to apply selective ignorance to areas which are important and could make a difference in your game. For example, simply rejecting advice on getting into shape because you think you’re just “big boned” and not fat is a harmful use of selective ignorance.

    Usage: His selective ignorance helped him to avoid being distracted by unnecessary information.

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