• Selective Blind Spot

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A conscious decision to create a blind spot that covers a weakness that cannot be easily changed, or enhances an existing strength to the artist’s advantage.

    Full Definition:

    Regular blind spots are usually bad, because they refer to a part of the artist’s game that he himself cannot see. Thus the use of coaches or 3rd party (girl friend, wing) is required to hold up the mirror so the artist can correct his mistakes.


    Sometimes, selective ignorance is great for focusing on the real important matters

    At an advanced level, blind spots can actually be created to help your game.

    Let’s say you are Asian, and you live in a place that has some racism. Do you ignore this, or address this upfront? For most people, worrying and stressing about this does them no good. Therefore the only logical solution is to create a blind spot around the issue of race. Height, penis size, being in shape, all these can be blind spots as worrying about them don’t help your game. Your frame can be strong enough to overcome it.

    Be careful not to let selection blind spots “blind” you from weaknesses you can improve. This technique is usually used to correct things that are hard to change, or don’t necessarily matter for that weekend. If you are indeed sporting a uni-brow or wearing a penis on your head, creating a selective blind spot won’t work – better to have it properly groomed or removed.

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