Seduction Community

Quick Definition: A term used to refer to the community of men working to improve their skills with women. Also known as the “pickup community” or, more simply, “the community.”

Full Definition:

The seduction community is a global phenomenon that has emerged over the past several decades, in large part due to the connectivity of the internet. The community started with just a handful of pick up artists trading tips on how to pickup women over internet message boards such as ASF, but has since grown into a multi-million dollar industry spanning multiple continents.

The seduction community is not a unified organization by any means, though some degree of camaraderie exists between the men working to improve this area of their lives. The community is composed of different groups of men from around the globe, who meet on internet forums and in real life to improve each other’s game.

The seduction community can roughly be divided into three groups: pickup companies, local lairs, and unaffiliated forums.

Pickup companies are commercial enterprises formed with the purpose of making money. These companies are often led by a well known pickup guru or gurus, who espouse a specific “method” for attracting women. Aspiring PUAs who follow these methods often congregate on online message boards created by these companies, as well as meeting in real-life to work on their skills in the field.

The second group of men who make up the community are associated with local lairs. Local lairs are often non-profit organizations, as opposed to commercial pickup companies. Members of seductions lairs meet because of shared geography, rather than a shared “method” of pickup that they follow. Lairs often have regular meetings where their members get together to sarge, and many lairs often have an online presence as well, discussing pickup over the ‘net using online forums and e-mail lists.

The final sector of the seduction community are members of unaffiliated forums. These are general pickup forums on the internet that are not affiliated with any particular pickup company or lair. Members of these communities often meet exclusively online, though like-minded members from the same area do occasionally meet-up together in real life to wing each other.

Membership in each of these portions of the seduction community is not mutually exclusive. For example, a PUA may be a follower of both the Mystery Method and the Stylelife Academy, participate in the San Francisco Lair, and also contribute to discussions on the Fast Seduction forum.

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