• A history of the Seduction Community and its lingo

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    In order to understand PUA Lingo, you first have to understand the origins and motivations of the seduction community. In brief, the following events occurred in the evolution of the community from underground culture to mainstream media:

    History Pickup Seduction Community

    • Before our time: Casanova and Don Juan recorded their stories of seduction in the form of stories and memoirs. Seduction has been studied by innovators such as Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Tallyrand-Perigord, among others in history to their advantage. (Robert Greene details this in The Art of Seduction)
    • Early 1980’s: The modern seduction community’s origins date back to Eric Weber’s book How to Pick Up Girls.

    • Late 1980’s: Ross Jeffries promotes a collection of NLP techniques called “Speed Seduction” (SS). The 1988 publication of his book How to Get the Women You Desire into Bedblank square helped to spawn interest the seductive arts within fledgling online communities In 1994, Lewis De Payne (associate of hacker Kevin Mitnick), then a student of Jeffries, founded the newsgroup alt.seduction.fast (ASF), spawning a network of other Internet discussion forums, email lists, blogs, and sites where seduction techniques could be discussed and exchanged. Seduction was no longer local; it was world-wide.
    • 1990-2000: The creation of an online newsgroup gave birth to discussions of seduction techniques among gurus, both natural and unnatural. Notable gurus on these forums included: Juggler (Wayne Elise), Badboy, Shark, PlayboyLA (Stephen Nash), Tyler Durden, Carlos Xuma, Swinggcat, Steve Piccus, Sinn, Savoy, Hypnotica (Von Sydow, Eric), and Zan Perrion, among others.
    • 1998-2004: Mystery (Eric Von Markovik) revolutionized the pickup arts with the publishing of Mystery Methodblank square and by taking seduction methods out of seminar classrooms and Internet discussion boards. He and another guru by the name of Wayne Elise (Juggler) became the first to hold in-the-field training sessions.
    • 2002-2006: David DeAngelo successfully mass markets dating advice packaged first as an e-book called Double Your Datingblank square (DYD) to the mainstream, without using PUA lingo.
    • 2005: Neil Strauss writes The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artistsblank square detailing his 2 year journey in the seduction community, reaching the New York Times Bestseller List and popularizing pickup and seduction to a broader audience.
    • 2007: Mystery with 2 former students (Matador and J-Dog) host their own show “The Pickup Artist” on VH1, where they train a group of “lovable losers” to become pickup artists. Season 2 airs in October 2008.
    • 2008-2009: Explosion of online content and media coverage of the seduction community; PUAs get called out on using routines and lines from “The Game” and “that VH1 pickup show!” by women everywhere.

    But these are just events and facts. The real reason people care lies beyond the mere commercializing and digitalization of information regarding picking up women. Perhaps best described through a woman’s perspective is Elana J. Clift’s 2007 American Studies thesis paper at the University of Austin, Texas, titled Picking Up and Acting Out: Politics of Masculinity in the Seduction Community. One of the passages explains her observations of her brother’s journey into studying the art of seduction and her desire to understand the reasons behind the community’s existence:

    Sitting at the family dinner table, I watched as my older brother, a senior in high school at the time, pushed his food around on his plate and sulked. My mother, always intuitive and attentive to our problems, asked him what was wrong. He sighed as he admitted that there was a girl at school whom he liked. “What should I do? I don’t know if she likes me!” My father piped up to offer, as he always did, a simple and practical solution, “Well, why don’t you ask her out on a date?” With an exasperated tone my brother said, “Dad! People don’t do that!” At that moment, my mother and I gave the famously useless advice “Just be yourself and she’ll like you!” He responded only with a sigh. My mother began to name all of my brother’s good qualities, as if listing these would give him the sudden self esteem boost he needed to pursue the current girl of his dreams. As she continued citing all that he had to offer the opposite sex, I could see him holding back tears; he was not listening to a word she said. He was unaffected by our attempts to help him. Neither my mother, father, nor I was surprised by this particular conversation, it was a common one at our house and it always ended the same way. Our parents would attempt to give him guidance, and my brother would listen and nod, all the while knowing that neither of them had the advice he needed to get what he so desperately wanted: a girlfriend.


    By the age of twenty-four, the advice “Just be yourself” had proved the extent of its uselessness, he had still never had a girlfriend. He came to the startling realization that just being himself was not enough. At the advice of a college friend, he began to investigate the Seduction Community, a society of men who focus on bettering their skills at attracting women. On message boards and websites he discovered literally thousands of other men with similar histories to his own. It was within this community that he finally found what our parents had never been able to give him well enough, the guidance and support he needed to finally become comfortable with the opposite sex. The “Seduction Community” broadly defines a subculture of men who follow varying philosophies and methods to achieve success with women. Despite differing strategies, members of the community are typically all connected by two constants: a feeling of frustration and powerlessness with their inability to attract the women they desire, and a belief that conventional dating methods are flawed. Their goal is to transform themselves from what they term “average frustrated chumps” (AFCs) into skilled “pickup artists” (PUAs). Aspiring pickup artists seek to take control over their lives by gaining an understanding of the female mind, improving their ability to function within a social context, and by achieving self-confidence. So-called seduction schools have emerged in order to provide men with both concrete skills that they can apply to their romantic lives and also the inner confidence that they believe is gained by overcoming social helplessness. Although the schools of seduction are both numerous and varying, each methodology encourages men to achieve personal improvement by accepting their flaws and conquering them. While these schools of thought may share common goals, the tactics employed in order to achieve these objectives differ greatly.


    In the more than fifteen years of its existence, countless members of the Seduction Community have produced literature describing their methods for attracting the opposite sex. There is no comprehensive published source, however, explaining the nature or history of the community itself.

    Thus, despite the mainstream attention to pickup artistry, this site is dedicated to the real aspiring pickup artists. Seduction community lingo is the language that was developed, for good or bad, to assist PUAs in passing on this knowledge of information called the “Art of Seduction”.



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    Dreamz (The Attraction Guy) January 23, 2009 - 3:33 am

    This is a great summary of “our” history. However, there is one passage of Elena J. Clift’s thesis that I have to disagree with to great extent:

    “Despite differing strategies, members of the community are typically all connected by two constants: a feeling of frustration and powerlessness with their inability to attract the women they desire, and a belief that conventional dating methods are flawed.”

    That conclusion is off-point for a vast majority of the seduction community. Most guys I know in the community have entered the community and embraced the values of it due to the first part of the description (frustration, etc.). However, this mindset quickly changes into one of empowerment.

    Moreover, as the society has evolved and continuously attracts people that have traditionally been well off with women, the first part of the equation is increasingly flawed. These days. most guys enter the community with a belief that they are already successfull with women. The desired outcome is to be more successfull with successfull women.

    The summary is really cool, nice to get the specific years of the “eras” down.

    alphawolf January 23, 2009 - 5:44 pm

    We had a debate about this just yesterday, Dreamz. Some say that guys who get laid don’t really have a motivation to get into the community, while others argue that naturals may want to learn this to become even better. I think there is usually some “trigger” event that takes place that prompts a deeper dive into what seduction is really all about. As for Elena, she was super cool and her brother Passion is a well known Texas PUA.

    Dreamz (The Attraction Guy) January 25, 2009 - 5:40 am

    Good point! Sometimes there’s a trigger event, but not always. A lot of the guys I know have simply enrolled in a class out of curiosity awakened through media coverage. Roughly, I’d say 80% of my business last year came in via media coverage, and at least 50% of that business were guys that were already well-off in the social communication department. To that extent I can fully agree that we are dealing with naturals in search of “perfection” :-)

    I’m not sure if I completely agree with the statement “guys that already get laid have no motivation.” Sure, for some there is less motivation, because they are already good. Moreover, the guys that are already experiencing social success will enter with a a fair amount of scrutiny. If there is one generalization I feel comfortable with, it is this one: Rich, goodlooking guys, that can get most of the rich, goodlooking girls because of their status in society tend to frown upon the pickup artist lifestyle.

    But again, that’s a generalization, and I know it’s not true for everyone.

    alphawolf February 1, 2009 - 2:23 am

    Social hierarchies extend beyond just one type of area, and I agree with certain social circles are difficult or tough to get into if you are not from a certain “class”. I think that people spend lifetimes trying to create wealth and generational status that sometimes they forget to look at the real barriers between classes, which mostly exists within a person’s mind. Casanova wasn’t rich, and neither were a lot of the best seducers in history.

    That said, Kanye sang it best: “I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger… but she ain’t messing around with no broke n*****”

    PsyMonk February 25, 2009 - 8:54 pm

    Да уж. Спасибо вам, что заставили задуматься :)

    alphawolf February 26, 2009 - 12:02 am

    Thanks PsyMonk. Greetings to you in Russia from California :)

    Dave April 23, 2009 - 3:05 pm

    Good history!

    PUA Hub January 10, 2010 - 7:57 pm

    wow, i didn’t know MM was published in 1998.

    I still haven’t had a student get called out for using classic PUA lines

    Styles April 6, 2010 - 6:09 pm

    THe mystery, the art, the beauty which is woman can be solved as simple as that. The world is your pick up labratory, in the end it involves confidence, self motivation, and a can do attitude.

    RLAJay March 26, 2011 - 5:35 pm

    This history is missing a lot of information and feels absolutely bias towards mystery. Where’s all the other companies that make up the history eh?

    alphawolf March 27, 2011 - 1:22 pm

    @ RLAJay: Mystery did pioneer a lot of the major events in the community. Towards the late 2008-2011 other companies did come along and add to the major events in the seduction community. Today there’s a bunch of companies that offer coaching other than Venusian Arts. If you have details PM them or add them to this comment thread and we’ll add it. Thanks.


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