Seducer’s Aura

Quick Definition: An energy that channels through a PUA that is totally in the zone for seduction.

Full Definition:

The seducer’s aura is difficult to explain in words, as it is a feeling a PUA experiences when he is in state, and that vibe projects to the women around him. It is partly gained through experience, and partly through tapping into the inner masculinity that lies in all men.

The seducer’s aura is often compared to a match—sometimes one strikes it and it lights, and sometimes it takes a few sets until one’s seducer’s aura finally ignites. Experienced PUAs tend to hit this state more often than newbies, thus accounting for some of the amazing social rule defying pickups that they are able to pull off.

The feeling of the seducer’s aura has been described as one’s eyes glowing with power, when one’s body and actions seem to “flow” or “float.” Girls seem to respond positively to eye contact while in this state, and, when opening, the seducer’s aura instills a sense of certainty in the PUA and a sense of excitement and calmness in the female target. The PUA feels playful, child-like, tease-friendly, sexual, aroused, calm, and in control, all at the same time. It is the ideal state to be in for seduction.

Zan is one of the PUAs that best embodies a positive seducer’s aura:


I experienced Seducer’s Aura last night after 2 girls were totally into me for 20 minutes, and we bantered back and forth between the 3 of us. Afterward I could approach any set.

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Source: Zan

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