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Seduce With Style Package

Hey guys,

Those of you who know me know that I have been working on a compilation of a style book for the past 3 months after I quit my job at Google. As I explored the information in this space I realized that while fashion in general is not really understood fully by most men. AND, the subset of fashion, what we coined “attraction fashion” is even less understood.

The idea of Attraction Fashion is that you don’t need to waste time, money or effort in learning to dress “fashionable” in order to attract the opposite sex. While there is a slight correlation between money/social class and attraction, that line is never linear. Attraction Fashion simply means fully understanding the underlying Style Attraction Switches (SAS) that our clothes convey about us.

In addition to the Ebook, all of you guys who purchase it will have access to 2 new books. One on the Science of Beauty and another on Seductive Body.

Most supplemental EBooks are boring and short. However, these 2 books were born from both Casual and my passion and specialties. They were subjects that we wanted to write about for a long time. Casual has a ridiculously toned salsa body, and I have been obsessed with the subject of plastic surgery, looks and how society views beauty as a whole. Based purely on scientific data, I answer the question, “do good looks really matter” in this 2nd Ebook. Your style can only be matched by your body, and in Seductive Body Casual shares with you his mentality and unique workout routine that he uses to build and stay in shape.

We also wanted a place where users can come and discuss Attraction Fashion and Style. We thus created a unique user forum, one for free users and a lounge for VIP users. The style forum will continue to grow as the product launches tomorrow, and we already have some top PUA gurus, as well as regular fashion consultants who want to participate in these image consulting roles.

You can read the original press release here and download a free copy of the Rules of Style by Kezia Noble.


AlphaWolf and Casual

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