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=> 29 DHV Texts To Get Her Laughing (PDF Download)

You can use these right now and they’re field-tested to be effective. If you’re still getting no replies or flakes using these texts, go back to your initial face to face interaction and troubleshoot


=> 2 Ways To Start A Convo (Girls Chase You)

2 Ways To Start A Convo Gives You A Toolbox to Open and Talk To Any Girl You Want!


=> 10 Little Tips That Makes A Man Stylish (PDF Download)

The 10 little Style tips will immediate boost your self confidence and increase women’s attraction to your “image”


=> PUA Lingo Dictionary (PDF Download)

The PUA Dictionary will help you decipher any terms you come across during your journey

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=> Top 10 Techniques to Kill Approach Anxiety (PDF Download)

The Killing AA ebook is a personal favorite of mine, designed to help you change your life by simply talking to women you see everyday

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==>3 Texts To Help You Get Hotter Girls

These 3 texts are field-tested and designed to get her laughing and you standing out from the crowd.
They have innate negs and DHVs built into them for maximum effect so
this is *going to get more interested girls period

==>10 Sex Secrets Hot Girls Never Want You To Know

Time to wake up and see the Matrix. The game secret explains what you need to know about 9s and 10s and girls of a certain caliber.
They’re still girls and still like sex!

P.S. If you liked these free ebooks, take a moment to see my Embarassing Loser-to-Hero Seduction Story


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