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Secret Single Behavior

Quick Definition: A reference from Sex And The City, where Carrie explains SSB: daily routines that we do in private which may appear embarrassing when you are living with someone in a relationship.

Full Definition:

Everyone has a certain set of behaviors that they do alone in private. For some people, it could be standing up eating in the kitchen (Jay Leno). I like to eat with a bowl of food and watch South Park episodes on my computer. These things give us comfort, when we are alone these rituals develop.

Sometimes, we develop new rituals in a relationship. Generally speaking, in the beginning of a relationship each individual couple needs alone time to recharge and also acclimate to being so close to another person (physically and emotionally) at all times.

It is important to acknowledge SSB in yourself that may be bothering another person and be understanding of someone else’s behavior that they are used to alone. When you do love a person, their SSB can be a defining characteristic that makes them even more adorable.

Example of secret single behavior

Usage: Everyone has some sort of secret single behavior. What’s yours?

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