Second Guessing

AKA Second Guessing Self

Quick Definition: Refers to the constant switching of decisions once a decision has been made by the PUA. Can be applied self to self, or with a group of stakeholders in a social or business situation.

Full Definition:

Constant second guessing behavior is detrimental to learning game and succeeding in accomplishing one’s goals. Once a decision is made, constantly changing it back and forth signals either a poor decision making process, or a low self esteem. Sometimes, situations present themselves in a vague manner. The goal is to gather the most information possible within the time available, and make the best decision you can. And then, having done your due diligence, stick to your decisions and ride it out with courage, not fear. Often times, even if a better decision is reached later on, the process of changing it costs money, and can negatively take up time and hurt others in the process.

SecondGuessing pua

For example, a PUA may want to hit a dive bar, but at the last minute, due to fear, change his decision to go out, or picks a more lounge-style bar. He then needs to text his friends and deal with the fallout. If this constantly happens, his reputation is shot, and he is often labeled not trustworthy or reliable to show up in certain sarging situations.

If you decide to approach a girl, second guessing is the worst process to run through your head – all sorts of reasons pop up not the approach. Once a decision is made, have the fortitude to stick to it. Unless you feel a strong instinctual pull that may signal an awful decision, have the fortitude to stay strong. Often times in pick up, the consequences are not as bad. In life, most situations are not as bad as you think it is. In the worst case scenario, the situation isn’t that bad! Once we accept that worst case isn’t the “worst” situation, we can proceed with more courage.

Example of a project that took place, with the power of action, and not talking yourself out of anything with second guessing:


You need to stop second guessing yourself

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