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  • 6 Reasons And 18 Ways To Improve Your Body Language

    by HENRIK EDBERG, Positivy blog When we’re in school or at work, we’re taught to improve our words. We learn to improve our language and words to impress. We learn to construct clever chains of words to gain an upper hand and to communicate more clearly. But when we grow up we learn very little beyond improving our words. A bit strange since… 1. …words are only 7 percent of your communication. The rest is your voice tonality (38…

    Negative Body Language

    Quick Definition: The art of non-verbal communication that expresses a person’s disinterest in another person. Full Definition: In Tao of Badass, Josh Pellicer explains the 3 types of body language and how they are important to game. First, body language = 60% of our communication Tonality and Voice is 20% And finally, the words we use, is another 20% Therefore, body language makes or breaks our interaction with women. In the 60% Body

    Body Language (BL)

    Quick Definition: The non-verbal communication a person’s body conveys to others. It is the physical manifestation of the artist’s internal state. Full Definition: Broadly speaking, Body Language involves any type of communication that a person conveys non-verbally: from his posture and the way he walks, to his facial expressions and eye contact. Body Language is one of the most important things that a pickup artist needs to master, because it…

    Badboy relating to Body Language

    Badboy is a proponent of direct game, and his focus on body language is expanded here from an original Fast Seduction post: Let’s talk a little bit about body language and how it relates to your attitude and confidence. We all know that people communicate with each other on multiple levels. But did you know that spoken words is just 7% of what we communicate? The majority of communication is done with vocal tones, vocal pitch, movement,…

    Body Language Clusters

    Quick Definition: A cluster of body language signals that combine to give the social artist a good pattern and idea of what the observed person is thinking. Full Definition: Body language cues are often misread by beginners of social sciences because they are read in singularity rather than as a pattern. Body language cues must be read in clusters. For example, if a girl is folding her arms, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is closed off. If she…

    Body language is MOST of the game

    author: “Badboy” date: Tue 19 Jan 2002 21:56 GMT website: www.fastseduction.com old forum subject: Body language is MOST of the game …Most important: Make friends with guys who are good with women, and go watch them in action! This is they key! I recommend that you find … Context: Badboy was an advocate of direct, intense game. His focus was on strong subcommunication and body language This is a hard one, because…

    Vincent Chase On Body Language

    author: “Vincent Chase” date: Tue, 3 April 2005 03:16:00 GMT website: http://wwv.themysterymethod.com old forums subject: Vincent Chase On Body Language …There are only two types of gestures Stripped and Clustered, basically one is a gesture of openess and ambiguity the other is a closed with a resounding… Context: The infamous “Vince Chase” of the PUA community writes about his experience with different body

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