Scarcity Mentality

Quick Definition: A mental metaphor that one holds that says “every resource in life has a limited availability and that protection of existing assets should prioritize over the accumulation of new ones.”

Full Definition:

A lot of AFCs, as perceived by PUAs, have an extreme case of scarcity mentality. Unless a normal guy is a club promoter, restaurant owner, or the best looking recent college grad in the office, his inflow of new girls is extremely limited by any PUA’s standard. Therefore, he tends to treat girls in his life as prized possessions instead of “just another girl,” and this mentality often leads to wasted potential sexual partners. Even if the guy is relatively good looking, his power is limited in the relationship, and he often feels content rather than happy.

Scarcity Mentality applies to economics and money. Communists might argue that a scarcity mentality is good in times of war or extreme duress. After all, we are in survival mode. In other times, a growing capitalistic society where the pie is enough for everyone, a scarcity mentality may have an extreme opportunity cost for the business owner. Similarly, those guys who don’t get new girls or create a social vehicle for meeting new women will feel limited in their existing sphere of influence. Guys who have a scarcity mentality tend to beg for phone numbers or feel like they have to get something from someone or something extremely bad will happen. This mental frame is often the source of jealousy, anger, and even envy among friends.

In general, the pick up community teaches the concept of “scarcity mentality” to encourage students to approach, and not view a “failed pick up” as anything more than a learning experience. It also helps students be in the moment as opposed to always going for an outcome. As Mystery correctly reminded us, to become a master, always focus on “process over outcome.”

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Never, ever, have a scarcity mentality when approaching women you don’t know.

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