• Save-Me Eyes

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The look in a girl’s eyes when she’s looking away either to her friend or into the background for help from a creepy or lower value guy hitting on her.

    Full Definition:

    When a girl gives save-me eyes, her friends will usually come in for the rescue. They will end up hugging each other, shouting really loudly, or implicitly blowing out the guy she’s saving her friend from.

    If a girl the PUA is talking to has save-me eyes, it’s a good idea for him to re-calibrate and do something to regain her interest, or otherwise eject from the set and try to keep some modicum of dignity.

    It is also possible for a PUA to rescue a girl with save-me eyes by AMOGing the AFC she’s being bothered by, giving him an instant DHV and attraction spike for recognizing the opportunity.


    The girl had the “save me” eyes going on, so I AMOGed the chump she was talking to and launched into a DHV routine.

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