Quick Definition: A satyromaniac is the male equivalent of a nymphomaniac.

Full Definition:

A satyromaniac is defined as a man with an abnormal, obsessive, uncontrollable, and insatiable sexual desire for sex, usually with women.

The sex drive is one of the most powerful driving forces in human beings. Some therapists describe it as a powerful, creative life-force which can be harnessed to give birth to new life. Be it in the form of children or new ideas and projects. And as a pickup artist, a strong sex drive is a powerful motivator towards success. If you don’t have a genuine and powerful desire for women, it is highly unlikely that you’ll have any long game motivation to survive the journey.

However, the problem arises for a satyromaniac when his sex drive stands in the way of his success. Although women appreciate a man who is unashamed of his sexuality and desires, it can sometimes turn a woman off if a man shows too much sexual interest off the bat. Learning the game helps satyromaniacs because an integral part of pickup is in the art of making a woman feel that she’s earned your romantic interest, thus making your raw, sexual desire towards her acceptable. By becoming proficient in the game, satyromaniacs can have a valid outlet for their excessive sex drives.

Yet sometimes, the need to have sex all the time can become a serious hindrance in other areas of a satyromaniac’s life. Some therapists recommend mental exercises to help harness one’s sex drive towards powerful creative endeavors. According to Napoleon Hill, the secret of genius is the ability to harness and direct one’s sex drive into other areas of life.


His satyromania made monogamy a challenging task. 

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