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Affiliation: Sasha Daygame

Sasha began his humble beginnings in the field of the pick up by serving as one of the first wingmen to Mr. M. during the early 2000’s. Having learned from one of the masters himself, he is now one of the most successful PUA’s and dating coaches today. His natural charm that has led to a wildly successful in comedy has helped him perfect his day game, and he learned the art of the pickup not by studying books but by pounding the streets of London and literally talking to thousands of women in order to develop his own unique system in the game.

His diligence has paid off, and today he brings over ten years of PUA experience to the table offering his own personal website with an outstanding coaching team, and he travels the world providing bootcamps, seminars, and one on one sessions to students all over the world. His signature style is showcased through the simple expression of honesty, and he harnessed this skill into a system that is considered one of the most unique and authentic systems men all over the world use today to experience success in dating. His direct mindset and motivation to succeed led to the establishment of the Direct Dating Summit of 2010 where he gathered the best coaches in the field from Canada, Croatia, the UK, and the United States to teach the “direct mindset” to a global audience.

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If you want to know how to become a PUA using the art of good old fashioned honesty, catch Sasha here giving words of wisdom himself: