Salsa Dancer

AKA Salsero, is a male dancer who specializes in salsa. His movements are clean and sensual and his gaze towards his partner is searing. Where others mistake his more feminine skill set as “metro”, the ones in the know understand that behind the scenes in the changing rooms and hotel rooms, he is the prince among all of the well-toned women dancers.

A dance is a physical representation of many things. Salsa, in particular, is a celebration of life that originated from the Latin culture. The best salsa dancers have amazing street cred with their social group and the women in it.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Dance shoes, a shirt that accentuates the chest area, a fit and slim body for movement and spins
Common Clothing Items: Bandanna, dance shoes, matching color shirt and pants, matching partner costumes.
Favorite Brands Susan’s Dance Studio
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Body Movement, Dance abilities, celebration of life, ability to read the woman’s mind and movements
What Women Think:
  • I’m so hot right now from dancing
  • He makes me feel sexy
  • This feeling cannot be explained by mere words
Natural Habitat Dance clubs, Salsa clubs, Dance Studio Lessons

Famous Examples

Johnny Vasquez, Ricardo Sanchez

Natural Counterparts

Salsa Dancers, Girl Dancers, Latin women, anyone who likes dance



Salsa dancers mens style

johnny vasquez salsero

Johnny Vasquez salsa dancing at a Salsa Congress: