Ryan Jaunzemis

Real Name: Ryan Jaunzemis
Affiliation: Lifestyle Consultant / Independent
Website: http://www.facebook.com/ryanjaunzemis (702) 417-7714

Ryan Jaunzemis aka “Las Vegas’ Most Aggressive Dating & Seduction Coach” as seen in City Life & Las Vegas Seven Magazines is a one of the newest pick-up gurus rising in the Seduction Community today. He originally started by raising what was left of the Las Vegas Seduction Community up from the ashes creating “The Las Vegas Lair” thru Meetup.com.

Initially the group was made as a social augmentation where all the PUAs in Vegas would be able to meet-up, trade tips and tricks on building attraction and join together as wingmen to augment each other’s success’ during Sarging sessions. Unlike other “Lairs” which Ryan found to be more like online forums this new Lair was more of an active Sarge crew, and soon the group would grow to over 100 active members.

Ryan Toured with Dan aka Badboy from Badboy lifestyle on a 22 city US tour promoting Badboy’s Las Vegas boot camp and spoke to 100s of PUAs across the country on many subjects including how to better attract women, how to become a better man, how to build more confidence and personal power, etc.

Ryan was featured on two cover stories for Las Vegas’ City Life Magazine and Las Vegas’ Seven Magazine.

Ryan has helped hundreds of men become more successful with women and dating and has since moved up from organizing the Las Vegas Lair and has become a personal lifestyle consultant assisting clients with any issues on various self-improvement topics such as health, wealth & relationships.

Ryan’s method to pick up has a slight variance from community standards with special emphasis on what he describes as the pre-attraction phases which he calls Target Market Assessment and Lifestyle Mastery where students learn to more clearly define what they really want in a woman rather than just going out to sarge for random women at a club, and they are taught to choose their new gaming locations dependent on their specific target markets. They then learn how to properly ARV (Acquire Real Value) before the physical approaching and first contact phase ever take place. Ryan is also a qualified personal fitness trainer, financial consultant and certified masseuse and reflexologist.

Ryan does 1 on 1 personal coaching, group coaching, phone or Skype sessions & live-in coaching (weekly/monthly). Ryan uses tactical covert listening devices and hidden cameras allowing the students to see and hear their approaches in real time allowing for better feedback on their approach style, body language, posture, positioning, vocal tonality and speech patterns.

“You can have anything that you want in life, you just have to know HOW to get it. Guys who aren’t getting laid aren’t not getting laid because they desire to be celibate, they aren’t getting laid because they don’t have the CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of HOW to create ATTTRACTION with women. The only thing holding us back from the things in life we want is our level of awareness of HOW to achieve them” – Ryan Jaunzemis

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