Quick Definition: The process of repetitively thinking about certain events with a very negative and often “the sky is falling!” frame.

Full Definition:

Psychologists studying depression have defined rumination as a process that all humans go through when tough times hit. However, certain people have a higher tendency to ruminate than others. Rumination is more common among people who are more pessimistic, neurotic, and negative. It is a vicious negative cycle.

In pickup, this process takes shape when PUAs think over a certain event where they got rejected or otherwise did not get the girl. Then they replay the scene over and over again. Oftentimes, the PUA assigns biased reasons for the actions of strangers. For example:

PUA: She totally left me to see another guy!

Girl: No, she said she has to leave because her friend was waiting for her!

PUA: Yeah, she’s probably going to see another guy. (biased, non factual opinion)

Girl: Think whatever you like.

The truth is PUAs do not know why a girl does or doesn’t call back or return. Assigning value to these things, especially negative value, is counter-productive and can cause depression if the PUA already has a sense of low self esteem.

Martin Seligman on positive psychology and how to cultivate a positive thinking pattern to defeat rumination:

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