RSD Hot Seat in San Diego 10/20/2013

Owen Cook calls himself a “red-headed, balding, pale ginger” while making fun of his “small penis” in front of a group of girls. “You have to be absolutely comfortable with your insecurities in this game”, he says as video footage of his in-field sets roll on during day 1.

At the end of the first day, I was conflicted.

  • On one hand, I want to be a gentleman and classy.
  • On the other, I want to get what’s mine, isn’t that being true to your natural desires?

Andy, one of the interns who stayed with me, had a talk with me about this during lunch. He says that I am socially conditioned into being a good guy but in reality, everyone wants/needs sex, and is that such a bad thing? And I started wondering, am I lying to myself to be “a good guy”, or is RSD’s view of the world, that all women secretly want sex, and that the secret society opens itself up to guys who are light, fun and able to communicate on that frequency, a reality that I was denying? Was it wrong to accept humanity for all of those flaws and do everything you can to win? Or, is life more than just winning? I don’t know the answers to these questions yet. However, I do have some amazing notes. Please keep in mind that these concepts dive deep into the mentality of a professional dating coach who spends the majority of his waking hours seducing girls in clubs and bars and different social situations. Take what value you can from it, and evolve as a human being based on your own desires and rationale as opposed to taking on the desires and MO of another person.

For those of you who don’t know what Hot Seat is (I have no financial affiliation with RSD):

Day 1 Notes. Video Footage: Owen Cook

Game amplifies basic human nature to have sex, procreate, and protect our loved ones. Mainly, it deals with the ability to procreate with desirable partners for the best genetic outcome.

A successful artist is someone who is:

1. Grounded in his principles, and yet,

2. Free in his thinking and wanting to be free in his journey

Game does not address the issues of love. It deals with the ability to add value and have sex with women. What we do after that and how we treat the woman depends on our personal ethics. Game is simply the ability and skill set. Much like a good lawyer has the ability to blackmail, extort, or otherwise win legally in the game of law, the artist’s goal is to seduce the woman and make her feel feel like she also had a win-win sexual exchange with the artist.

The girl wants you to fight for her. This is exciting to her and part of the struggle.

“If a girl rejects me, I wipe her within 2 seconds from my memory. She doesn’t exist”. This is hard to do Owen explains because most people have empathy. The ability to feel people’s emotions, therefore, from a bad interaction we will feel the negative emotions. With practice, you can move on more quickly from any rejections and onto other girls. You don’t lose time, or your own life, by doing this.

Overwhelm your “thinking brain” with action. A lot of times over analyzing a situation leads to paralysis. Action = reaction. Action = turns brain off, become in the moment instead of thinking and dwelling about it.

When 10 girls reject me, I am still in a good mood. The thinking is: “If I open, I am awesome”. Owen demonstrates how he laughs and amuses every time he is rejected. It is like a fun game.

The criteria for success should be, “Did I take action tonight?

Question to ask yourself: “Do I have the sex life that I want?“. This should be the only criteria for your success. This is something personal to you, and you should not to others for approval or determination of this criteria of yours. Whatever you want is whatever you want.

If you go out and get 100 fails, even 1000 fails, and you found the love of your life? wouldn’t that be worth it?

This is about your journey and how far you have come. Don’t focus so much on results every time, but rather your individual learning and improvement. The results will become apparent once the focus becomes improving your knowledge and skills

Balance of power: “if this interaction ended, who would care more?” The person with more sexual power would care less.

AMOGs, and people who hate don’t know any better. They live in a world with a fixed, limited pie. A guy with a good attitude understands that there’s more than enough to go around. They don’t need to live in that world. (i.e. Steve Jobs)

If you don’t feel rejection, you may not feel emotions properly (i.e. sociopath), you come from a win/lose mentality instead of a “oneness” mentality.

A girl when she’s into you, will look deeply into your eyes. She’s seeing if you’re for real. Is this the guy who is going to take me on the adventure completely.

Position of Power: Who is chasing who in the relationship? This dynamic shifts and changes over time. However, it is important to be aware of it.

Tear-gasm: is a way to make a girl cum by squirting. Owen shows hand movement upward. It is supposed to be very strong and forceful and mentally you need to let her know she can let go and release without judgement.

Your words and your gaze can be hypnotic, you can use this by learning to deviate from your standard tonality and speaking differently as an experiment.

Clear energy – projecting a clear energy is related to your intent. I am here to do X,Y,Z.

Belief: Yes, I can go out tonight and get laid. It is easy if I follow the right steps.

Drunk girl game is actually harder. You can’t stimulate her intellectually, and you have to dumb down your game. Most of the girls on these videos are sober, or only had 1-2 drinks.

Continual Motion = always moving, ongoing momentum to close. Like water flowing. Non-stagnant. Very little things will allow her to get to know you, over time.

It is really hard to change someone’s priorities to yours. However, what you can do, it align your priorities so that your path eventually crosses with their trajectory, and you can convince them that you can travel together for the same goals.

A closer, is someone who goes for the close. Gets the deal done. This is an art form. There is nothing wrong with going for the close.

A girl should always feel “no pressure”. There’s always a refund policy. Always leave her an exit, like its no big deal.

Compound movements like squats increase growth hormones and build muscle mass.

Practice a “look of non-chalence” (like you don’t care). High value guys have this and women generally respond to it. It doesn’t mean you have no expressions. It just means you are not easily amused or impressed by her.

Makeshift Wingman: a guy who seems cool enough to wing you when you’re alone.

Owen’s pickup method:

  1. See girl
  2. Good eye contact, body language, tonality
  3. Girl looks receptive yes/no. Flirt, game, joke, laugh until she does
  4. Try to move/escalate/kiss/lead
  5. Sometimes you have to deal with group, amog, logistics at this point
  6. Lead to isolation
  7. Sleep with her (no guilt, no judgement, sex is enjoyed by both parties)

If a girl won’t sleep with me, unless she’s a friend (not from cold approach), I erase her from my reality very quickly. Leading to a close tests men – how far will you go?

Keep running girls through your funnel, and keep pushing for the close. Keep the momentum going. Usually it takes 6 months, about 180 days, go through 25-45 girls, to get 1 girlfriend who you really like. (Love was not discussed so much in this seminar)

Dealing with flakes:

  • Ping: “red win or white”
  • Random funny: “I miss you and want to see you, can you escape from the zoo?”
  • Bribe: “I have tickets to XYZ concert”
  • Insult Her: “you’re retarded because…”
  • Long half court shot: “My mom died. I just need to know, why didn’t you answer my texts?”

Girls will always have something else to do other than fuck you. People always have priorities and for them “is it worth it?” you have to have enough VALUE to cut over her other priorities, seeking the emotional stimulation that only you can provide.

Key: you’re completely secure with yourself. People will call you names. Stereotype. Racist. All of it. Expect this in field, and be comfortable and secure with who you are. Haters words are just words. They should have no power to hurt or influence you.  A hater’s game is mostly to deflate you or knock you out of state. If he does that, you lose. Physically fights don’t usually win the scenario due to bouncers or breaking social rules.

The John Carleton experiment – when people look tense, instead of happy/chill, the product is good, because they feel stress/pressure of the pain of not having it.

The more a girl is into you, the more giddy she is (little girl laughing)

Be funny. Be light. Remove commitment and seriousness from flirting. I.e. Russell Brand

If girl goes on a serious tangent, don’t follow in the beginning, light and laughing. Can be intermittently serious later on, but always lead it into a fun, light, non-judgmental territory.

Change her mood, not her mind.

Body language tip: when hit a spike or intense pressure, then lean back, hands in pocket, give her space

Try, if not, back off, and try again.

Train yourself to not take the negative feeling into the next set. Don’t let it “wound” you. Remove that power from people who are not in alignment with your goals in the pick up scenario.

Always be moving towards the close. Need women in my life for personal growth. Get your logistics down for the pull.

“I don’t care if I insult her, I do what I want” vibe is important to understand, even if you don’t plan to be that type of PUA. Russell Brand can be insulting too however he usually adds light-hearted laughs into his words that lightens his remarks.

Girls who shit test a lot, are hoping a guy passes the test.

Fun, not a big deal vibe

Momentum of fun, sexuality

Personality vs. DNA

Personality- Her adapted state, society’s rules

DNA – Her biological circuitry

Both are powerful factors in game. However, her DNA is ingrained, personality can be developed via social conditioning. Social conditioning is an important concept to review and fully understand. Throughout history, society’s priorities have changed, not everything that is important or celebrated now was the same through different society’s in history.

Humanity = ability to provide value. Provide pure value. Give before you receive.

Making yourself feel good = making her feel good

We all have masculine and feminine energy ingrained in all of us.

Feminine energy

  • Beauty
  • Comfort
  • The experience and feeling of the experience

Masculine energy

  • Free
  • Grounded
  • On Your Purpose

When in a relationship (or love), I will compromise to her to a degree, but I will never “sell out” of my masculinity or my natural core. “I am on my purpose”

Think proactive, not reactive

Easiest pull = 2 guys, 2 girls

Or, when a girl is walking home alone (no judgement, social pressure)

Maximize pleasure, minimize reputation damage. Girl cannot suffer reputation damage.

Offer = refund guarantee, that person has nothing to lose. Take pride in servicing others, and making that person feel good. How do I make a great experience for someone else, and enjoy that experience?

Walk with her, always be leading, not following, or at least have to perception of leading.

Owen’s lines:

  • “Come. 2 seconds, 2 seconds”
  • Just grabs the girl by the arm.
  • Shh…… quiet woman!
  • Will you get in trouble if your friends judge you? (If not, she’s qualifying she’s ok with leaving her friends with you)
  • You’re rubbing me the wrong way. Here’s how you rub me the right way
  • “Let’s go to a restaurant”. If no, “let’s just see the menu”. Always lower the cost of compliance.
  • Owen always lifts the girl off her feet (literally) this spikes physical attraction and heart rate
  • I’m going to marry you, divorce you, and take half your money! (Role reversal)
  • Girl texting: “hey, are you… checking your stocks?’
  • “fine, throw me away, like a piece of trash”
  • “do it, I dare you”
  • “Are you mind?” (Qualification)
  • Don’t cockblock him!
  • I don’t care. I’m very dominant
  • “Booze and drugs? Fuck that shit. Those are a poor man’s pleasure. I have a higher source of spiritual nutrition”
  • I’m perfection. (Jeffy: “Im so cool. My hairs so cool”)
  • You’re too skinny for me.
  • Fight for me. I fought for you.
  • You, come here.
  • “tell him I’m gay”
  • “I’m not trying to fuck you, understand?”
  • I can’t ____ (go to your house), I’m too shy
  • I’ll walk you (to your car, home)
  • “I need to pee” to get into the house

Day 2: Todd and Julien footage.

I missed a lot of Todd’s footage because I was on a date, however here are my notes from 9:30 to 1am.

Julien is good at:

  1. Setting the pace right away
  2. Self amused
  3. Breaking rapport tonality, then calibrating from a broken rapport phase

It is important to snap them out of “auto-pilot” responses quickly.

Sacrifice the lamb: the first ok-looking girl you’re going to use her to gain momentum and warmed up.

Priority in pick up- easy lays, vs. learning the higher skill-set. Learn the higher skill-set so that you’re not dependent on luck and self-sufficient. Understand evolving as a person and learning the game properly. Taking pride in acquiring new knowledge.

Party – don’t worry about who should have been there. You’re having an awesome party either way. Ignore flakes, people will respond to value and value alone. People merge when ready.

Calibrate on:

  1. How do I feel
  2. How does she feel
  3. Situation context (how hard is it, how many AMOGs, friends, group setting, etc)

How to keep talking no matter what:

Asking for pussy is like marketers asking you for money. You want to give everyone money if you could, but you realistically just can’t. A cool girl wants to fuck every guy she can, but she’s literally cannot there are too many other priorities that come up naturally. She has the prize.

Sexual appetite and preference changes with age, religion, being single, after a break-up, different life stages. It is ok.

A good business / marketing program gives a lot of avenues of value. 5/6 people heard of RSD over and over again. 1/6 people just buy right away. Over time, when you add enough value, people WILL convert. Same with girls and value added.

When a girl is into you she will give you the “bug-eyed” look (DDBL)

Sometimes, when you attack someone for no reason, they will want to seek validation (insecure girls)

Girls will chase you for validation. You’re too skinny, too fat. too this, that.

Mainstream narrative / consciousness says this/that, I don’t follow that.

Some % of girls will be in integrity with themselves. If that is true, they will have their shit together. A lot of girls / people do not.

Men’s spiritual connection is free, grounded, on your purpose

Women’s spiritual connection is beauty, comfort, love, decorative pieces and making the living space clean.

You can choose a woman who respects you only if you first respect yourself and are in integrity with yourself.

Julien’s lines:

  • Girl “you look like..” Julien: “I’m out of your league”
  • 2 minutes, 2 minutes. Stop. Wait. Stop woman
  • You’re a model? That’s fucking gay. Kidding. (calibrate)
  • You. Stop. How does it feel to be stopped?
  • Hug me like you’ve never hugged a man before
  • So. How does that make you feel? He uses this multiple times
  • She’s your best friend, she will understand
  • Why don’t you love me?
  • Disqualifying himself AFTER girl is committed to walking with him: What if I am some rapist? you don’t know anything about me
  • I am a bit shy. Makes me more date-able
  • You’re quirky. You have intense eyes
  • Fuck them. Hangout with me.
  • Don’t give me the doggy pat!
  • Say “Daddy, I’m 12 and I’m sorry. Say it now!”
  • I don’t judge
  • Do you trust me? (compliance test) You shouldn’t trust me. I’m a total creeper (if IOD, calibrate)
  • You can go if you want (exit out)
  • “You can go, but… where are you from” – prevents exiting, starts new thread
  • Do this (signal for her to take off glasses). Then pretend to leave, “nice meeting you”. Then come back. Kidding. You have nice eyes. I’m messing with you. You’re very cute.
  • Deflection: “don’t worry about it”
  • Point to another girl, “that’s my GF”
  • It’s just the beginning, you don’t know me yet
  • When girl asks for FB/number, “No, I don’t have anything!” (takes away her validation – this is dangerous just Julien’s game)
  • “Say I love you” Girl: “no”. Julien: “Say, ‘call me”. Girl: “call me”
  • No alcohol. No drugs. Perfection.
  • As a side-note: “do you like me or hate me right now?” (quick tangent into forcing IOI)
  • What’s my name?
  • How does it feel… (to not have a soul?) Neg to real estate agent
  • I really love… myself
  • Beg for it
  • Don’t look at your friend, she’s not going to help you
  • You’re the worst kisser ever
  • You can go if you want (leave exit open)
  • I wish you loved me… as much as I love myself
  • For a guy, I get better with age. For you, it is downhill from here
  • I love it. Say “daddy I’m 12”
  • Do you trust me enough to have a drink with me somewhere else?
  • “say master please”. No? Say “master”. Now say “please”
  • Emotional roller-coaster and fun and light conversation – different communication frequency
  • I’m a waiter at Applebees. I just got promoted
  • Is it because I’m Asian?
  • Whip sound *Whpsh* woman! Pay attention

Owen Ends with this:

  • Happiness is right now
  • Tomorrow is not guaranteed
  • A RSD student died, from a neck injury and subsequent suicide. Owen was in a car accident, looking at on-coming traffic, wishing he wasn’t the one in the accident. A lot of times we see accidents and think “thank God that isn’t me”, but really we are just as likely to get into that accident as anyone else. Death is hidden from us via society’s narrative / consciousness. Remember to live life your way, in a happy way, and learn and evolve.
  • Enjoy the moment .When RSD was broke, Owen had as much fun as as it does now. It was exciting. So happiness is now in the moment, not in the future.

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