• RSD Hot Seat 2.0 Review

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    What is there to say about the RSD Hot Seat?

    Well, in one word: AWESOME. The Hot Seat is like the Apple Ipad for the seduction community. A new, innovative and immersive way to teach pick up. Furthermore, the cost is a lot lower at $300 compared to bootcamps at thousands of dollars.

    You can see my full notes with Alex’s Hot Seat on my blog GodofStyle here. Julien and Owen¬†were just here in San Diego, and their Free Tour was amazing. If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and checkout RSD’s hot seat here.

    hot seat rsd 2

    Hot Seat requires that the PUA already has some experience with the community’s general philosophies and going out. Without the basic knowledge, you will be amazed at the video and footage, but a lot of the deeper lessons will be missed by you.

    If you treat the event seriously and take notes and ACTUALLY PRACTICE what you learned afterward, it can provide a quick spike to your understanding and execution of game.

    owen cook and julien in field pic

    Owen and Julien in field

    julien pua making out

    Julien in field

    Owen Cook on Hot Seat:

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