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  • RSD Alexander Hot Seat Review

    By on December 18, 2012

    knowledge sphere smallKnowledge Sphere:

    For my detailed notes of Saturday’s seminar, please checkout my notes on GodofStyle.com.

    The bar at the renaissance hotel was seated with older folks of a higher social class and the nicely dressed hotel staff. On this day, the waiter was attending to my friend’s order of hamburgers, which took 30 minutes to prepare. As we were waiting, Alex approaches to say hello, “hey guys. Is everyone ready to go?”

    alexander rsd

    Here’s Alex to the left with executive instructor Todd

    My friend: “Hey Alex. Yeah we haven’t ate all day and am waiting for food. We’ll be in there as soon as possible”

    Alex: “Sure. There’s 10 other people who are MIA, and I am about to start. I want to make sure everyone who can be there will be there. By the way, this pink beast mode shirt that I am wearing to support my friend (Jeffy) makes me look so gay! I’ll rock it anyway!”

    My friend: “Hey does this coaching this pay really well?”

    Alex: (thinks for a moment) “Not really. Less than what most people think. I enjoy it though. Good thing they gave me the hotseat too. I had some other things I wanted to do instead if that didn’t happen”

    Friend: “What do you think about the other pick up companies bootcamps? It is great that RSD is innovating and doing things like the hot seat”

    Alex: “What other pick up companies? Really, no one is close to what RSD is doing right now”

    Me: “Hi I’m Vince” I shake his hand

    Me: “When this is all done, are you going back to Australia?

    Alex: “Yeah, this is my second last stop and then it is back to Australia”

    Alex: “You guys can bring the food in”

    Me: “Is that cool? Great thanks”

    Alex: “Ok. See you guys in there”

    Me: “He looks shorter in person”

    My friend: “I know all these RSD coaches look huge on camera!”

    This was the start of a great evening, which I had prepared for ever since I got invited to do a full review of this hot seat. For those of you who don’t know Alexander, he was featured in this years top PUAs of 2012 and he is also a fulltime RSD executive coach. Alex runs his own website, as well as updates his blog on RSD nation here. Most of you have probably seen footage of Alex from the RSD nation blog, as well as randomly when searching for dating related stuff on YouTube.

    You may have already seen this video of Alex as a introduction to his new product the Natural Instinct Method. Well, the hot seat can be described as him using this newly developed technique to breakdown and help students internalize his method of seduction through real in field footage:

    I have over 15 pages of detailed notes from the seminar, and I was only there on Saturday’s 1-9pm session. Sunday was spent with my family, who is visiting me from around the globe and I promised that I would be there. My notes will be more brief in this review, and you can explore each concept in detail on GodofStyle.com. I will aim to breakdown exactly what was taught, and add my own lessons, learning and interpretations only thereafter.

    Seminar’s Main Themes

    • There is NO reason why you are not enough – this comes up over and over again. Alex repeats at least 50 times: YOU ARE ENOUGH. He backs this up with examples in field. The videos show his progression from a traditional “game” guy to someone who develops a natural charisma and the mistakes he made along the way, both in his thinking and his techniques.
    • She’s imperfect. Yet, beautiful – Alex shows us pictures of his girls. They were all very beautitful in certain pictures, verified 9s and 10s, yet, also, imperfect in others.
    • Time is a unit of attraction– Alex illustrates how time is your ally, and to approach the element of time differently.
    • Paradoxically, patience = the fastest way to get a girl – He advocates a low risk, low error approach
    • Misinterpretation – An easy way to pass shit tests, is to misinterpret what she’s saying deliberately.
    • Enduring the tests – Tests are inevitable and part of her internal process to feel aroused by you. Accept them. Enjoy them. If not, endure them.
    • Winning the frame – The winner is the second one who buckles under the social pressure.
    • Relax. CHILL. – The word “CHILL” is repeated OVER and OVER again, and put into great context throughout the seminar.
    • Stop. For 10 seconds, in a club. Realize how long at is. A moment of now – understanding how to be in the moment, is a key element of a natural.
    • The Arousal Chart, which Alex explains, is a method to matching your energy level ideally for your target audience each night:



    Alex RSD Arousal Chart



    Alex was polite to the students, and handled the crowd well – he will explain in each section what he plans to do, and does crowd control quite well between breaks. He always tries to get everyone back in before he starts, and is judicial about handling questions from first his 2-3 bootcamp students, and then in order of hands raised. He also tests the audience by asking, “why is she saying that?” or “what would you do in this situation?”, and grades the response from a A+ to C-. He pauses videos at the right spots to explain certain concepts. It is obvious that he has done this many times, and his presentation seems very natural although obviously rehearsed and practiced many times.

    For laughs and waiting times, we checkout out the (mis)adventures of Timf Bhraownh

    My own commentary on HotSeat and Alex

    I couldn’t help but remember a clip I saw with Owen and Alex and in it, Owen talks about Eckhart Tolle and Alex remarks, “yeah I tried reading New Earth didn’t quite catch on”. Owen replies, “hahaha. Maybe when you are older, you will resonate with it more.”

    Keep in mind Alex is 27! He’s two years younger than me. As such, there were a few things I noticed about him that perhaps he didn’t notice about himself. His whole approach to game is very in line with being in the moment. He’s a good guy, and his game comes across as such. The whole point of “negative expression”, I believe, is his way of showing girls that he’s multi-emotional / dimensional by displaying negative emotion, because his overall game is quite positive and clean.

    Unlike the previous instructors, he talks about making the girl feel comfortable, and touches on theories about imperfection in human beings. He’s exhibiting early signs of Zan’s theories in Ars Amorata, and mainly the idea that love connects us all. He mentions, unlike other RSD instructors, how he sees the real nice girl behind the super bitch, and that traits seems to be genuinely developed, despite his stream of women. Then he shows us a video of his kicking a cute Finnish girl out of his hotel room so he can get another one before the night’s over. The force is strong in this one. Let’s see if light or dark wins.

    alexander rsd hot girl

    alexander rsd

    Alex follows up his hotseat with 4-5 hours of bonus footage for just the students. Some of it is reminder for his core concepts, and others taking it further in the Natural Instinct Mentality

    My friend and I commented on the large amount of shit tests he took in the first 2 videos. We understand it was to demonstrate how to handle shit tests, and to show the newbies that he also gets tested just like anyone else. However perhaps he could have handled it differently. “Why did you say something like that? I know your’e a good person” may have negated to “endurance tests” he had to go through.

    If you haven’t checked out the hot seat yet, take a look at it. What a great experience to cram years of field experience into a single weekend, broken down and explained by executive coaches who spend every day in the field doing cold approaches.

    Overall, the hot seat, worth $300 per student, is a steal compared to bootcamp prices, and if you are an intermediate PUA like me, you can learn a ton of new things for a relatively cheaper price point than a weekend bootcamp in the thousands.

    Cheers, Vince.

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