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  • Routine

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A gambit, story, or memorized pattern of actions that the PUA can use during an interaction.

    Full Definition:

    Routines are mostly Canned Routines in the beginning. Later on, routines become more personal and more flexible. Instead of learning every word in the “Who lies more” opener, the PUA can adapt and memorize, say, bullet points a grounding story.

    For example, if the points are “captain, high school basketball team, dreams, ambition, girls, goal in life,” the PUA can then paraphrase to tell a story of pursuing the championship on his high school basketball team, and embed naturally with DHVs like the cheerleaders having a crush on him and getting a basketball scholarship to college.


    Do you have any routines you can teach me?

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