Routine Monkey

AKA Dancing Monkey

Quick Definition: A guy who over-uses routines as a clutch to hide his core personality.

Full Definition:

The use of routines is generally associated with “structured” and mechanical game. Popularized by Mystery and the early seduction community movement (2000s), routines were used often as detailed in Neil Strauss’s book The Game.

Routines help the artist identify the experience and feeling about a certain attraction or seduction process. However, they should not be a replacement of the artist’s core personality or hinder the discovery of who he really is.

A Routine Monkey differs from Dancing Monkey in that he simply stacks routine after routine. The dancing monkey simply gives up value by making people laugh and entertaining them without seeking an equal amount of social investment in return. As a result, even though he’s entertaining, he garners no attraction. (Similar to the jester in the court.)

Routine monkeys may be entertaining, however they are not attractive

Routine monkeys develop because guys are afraid to show who they really are, or they are afraid to run out of things to say. Thus, their priority becomes memorizing lines and routines and reciting them at a bar. The over emphasis of the routine monkey results in his blindness to body language, tonality, and the 70% of communication factors beyond words.


That guy seems like he’s just a routine monkey…

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