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    Quick Definition: A voice inflection technique taught in the Flawless Natural method by Australian based Tim Marc.

    Full Definition:

    Rosetta Stone was a coined concept in the Flawless Natural videos that explains voice tonality. Basically, the idea is you can control the mood of your approach by controlling your voice.

    High voice inflexion means that you are trying to please the person. Usually, a person who talks to his or her boss has this tone. Or, talking to family members, or elders, someone who we are trying to please, out of respect or love. High voice inflexion is also used talking to pets or just bantering and is fine when used dramatically.

    Neutral voice inflexion is the cool tone PUAs usually use, not too excited and not too high. It is your default voice when talking to people of equal value, in theory.

    Low or aggressive voice is more dominant, and can be a little intimidating. More base in the voice can be antagonistic when used to talk to a guy, or more dominant when talking to a girl. Always calibrate your voice tonality to your audience.

    voice inflexion rosetta stone chart

    The voice inflexion chart

    flawless <a href='https://www.pualingo.com/pua-definitions/natural/'>natural</a> tim marc


    n/a – concept

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