• Roosh V.

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Age: 33
    Affiliation: Independent
    Website: //www.rooshv.com/

    Hailing from the great state of Maryland, Roosh V. is a 33 year old with a degree in microbiology. When he started his career in the field of science, he used his time on the job wisely to begin a blog called DC Bachelor and a PUA was born. What started off as random thoughts entered on his various dating experiences turned into a lifestyle that involved teaching men about approaching the feminine side of life. His blogging turned into a book, and his first authored publication Bang has experienced success all over the world. In Bang he instructs on the art of picking up women and how to bang them.

    But he is not a man with tastes restricted to all things superficial, and his second book A Dead Bat in Paraguay was published after spending six months in South America. After this time he spent a year back in the United States before heading back to South America for another year. Those experiences led to his third book Bang Columbia, which has branded his Bang series into a full program, that includes many publications on the Day Bang, the day game manual, among many others.

    His signature style is techniques involving how to cross international barriers in the art of the pickup and he has established an entire series of travel guides as a result. Since branding the Bang series and program, Roosh V and his success has been broadcasted on many European media outlets for his work with his travel guides. Bang Iceland has received considerable success, and he expects his other guides, such as Don’t Bang Denmark, to do just as well.

    Roosh V has been spotlighted in many American publications as well, and has received reviews from the Huffington Post. He offers personalized instruction through his website and tries to answer as many emails as he can. Where he can’t, he offers instruction through his long list of publications outside of the Bang enterprise. His list of credits include “The 9 Immutable Laws of Pickup”, 30 Bangs, and Day Bang. Even with all of this success, he still doesn’t consider himself a PUA, but says you are welcome to call him that if you wish. He will speak directly with men needing further instruction through his email link on his website, but you will have a better chance of direct instruction by participating in his forum [http://www.rooshvforum.com/] and you can also follow him on Twitter @rooshV.

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    Stelnionisss December 18, 2012 - 7:23 pm

    Roosh V looks like hairy zombie fag. No wonder he goes to poor 3rd world Ukraine and South america to lick some smelly vagina. This loser can’t get laid in the US nor Western Europe/Baltics. No self respecting women would sleep with crap like him. . . I’ve heard he’s falsifying his data in forum also, like copying from other forums, crating crap etc…

    Tony January 26, 2013 - 1:41 pm

    While I don’t agree with everything Roosh writes I did buy this Bang Ukraine book and he is generally pretty accurate to what I experienced too. If I could pick up average to pretty girls 10-15 years younger then me would I be heading to the FSU countries ? Of course not. I’m a average looking 42 year old with little “game” and I can do well with a girl next type 29 year old but follow his rules and learn the language and you will do well … just don’t girls will fall all over you in these countries (unless you paying them).

    The Realist June 25, 2013 - 5:02 pm

    Roosh does not have any credibility and does not belong on this page at all. I googled his name which has been put up on Stormfront and such sites so who knows what he is associating with. Also, roosh stalks high school girls on facebook and trolls them despite being a man in his 30s. No one should take this guy’s advice seriously or give him any support. I hope others see this for themselves, the guy is a fraud. Look it up on google.


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