Roll Off

Quick Definition: A physical move of the PUA’s body to convey active disinterest or waning interest towards a group or target.

Full Definition:

A roll off is a great technique to enhance cat string theory after an IOI or DHV. After delivering a DHV gambit, the PUA can then roll off, as if appearing to leave almost, then bait the target or group to initiate a conversation that draws him back.

If the reaction to an opener or story was bad, the PUA can also roll off to convey non-neediness and the willingness to move on. In this case, the PUA is preserving his value from a blown or stalling set.


You need to roll off a little after the opener to give the girl some space.

Related Terms: Takeaway, Body Rocking, IOD, Body Language, DHV, Cat String Theory

Source: Mystery

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