Role Reversal

AKA flipping the script

Quick Definition: Reversing typical female and male gender roles.

Full Definition:

Role reversal is a great technique in prizing and reframing a situation. Basically, any witty line from Will & Grace or Sex and the City can work. It is anything a woman would typically say to qualify or shit test the PUA, which he can flip through a  role reversal. The point of this technique is to add versatility to the social value of a man or woman. Ever seen a girl who acts bi or lesbian but is not? Much like an enemy who disguises as the other side, role reversal is used by both genders, usually as a way to get one-up on the other sex.

Recognizing role reversal in women is essential to understanding the social dynamics of their game. Men generally do not have the social dexterity of women, and this technique or reversing sex roles is option less used by men to their advantage.

For example,

  • PUA: “Let’s slow this down. I need more comfort and trust before escalating further with you.”
  • PUA: “I don’t usually do this, but since you are so charming…”
  • PUA: “I don’t have sex on the first date, just so you know. I am only promising good conversation tonight.”
  • PUA: “All right, fine. You can sleep over. But don’t get any ideas about easy sex. I am so not in that head space right now.”


Do a role reversal with a woman and see how it feels from her perspective!

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