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Your return on field time, or ROFT, measures how effective your time spent out in the field sarging has been. It can be measured by various indicators such as the number of sets approached, the number of sets hooked, number closes, or F-closes.

The way you measure your ROFT will depend on how far along the game you are as a pickup artist and what your goals for yourself are. For instance, if you’re a beginner testing the waters of sarging, the best measure for you to gauge your ROFT would be to note the number of sets that you approach within a given period of time. As a beginner pickup artist, your goal will most likely be to desensitize yourself to the fear of rejection and get over your approach anxiety. So in such a situation, you should ideally be approaching at least 20-30 girls in 2 hours, instead of just talking to 2 girls within the whole 2 hours.

In the same way, an intermediate pickup artist might measure his ROFT by the amount of number closes that he makes within a given period of time. And a more advanced pickup artist might measure his ROFT by the percentage of sets that turn into an F-close.

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While keeping track of your ROFT is crucial towards developing as a pickup artist and making sure that you are using your time in-field effectively, it is also important to not become a pickup artist that just plays it by the numbers. When you start looking at each girl or each set as just a statistic or a number, the whole process of picking up women becomes very monotonous very fast. And the result is often seen in pickup artists that are social robots who burn out within a few months in the game. Balance is key; learn to be in the moment and enjoy the process of sarging, but also make sure that you’re learning and improving proportionately to the time you spend doing it.


His crippling approach anxiety was significantly lowering his return on field time. 

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