Quick Definition: A developed habit (either consciously developed or developed via force of unconscious repetition) that a person performs to determine his physical, mental, and financial reality.

Full Definition:

I really can’t define rituals better than Tony Robbins does. Our rituals determine who we are in the long run. Consistent effort exerted over time produces extraordinary results. Most people let the day to day pressures define their daily rituals. Those that are successful consciously make a decision to set up their rituals to put themselves in the most positive state, in order to accomplish more than others.

Studies have shown that high performing entrepreneurs and employees are those who are consistently in a “very high, constructive state.” Thus, our rituals should establish good feelings that help us become productive towards our life goals.

Tony Robbins: Ask the right questions. Change your questions. Change you rituals


You need to develop some positive rituals that consistently increase and improve your state.

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