Rishi Before and After Style Pictures

Rishi is a close friend of mine who I came into contact with running the South Bay mastermind alliance meetings. He’s a extremely talented engineer, currently working at the leading technology firm Apple in Silicon Valley. Despite his intelligence, like me, he had trouble actually understanding social dynamics and particular how social rules worked with women. This is his style story.

Here’s Rishi’s Before and After Style Picture:

rishi before after mens style

1. The Problem

Rishi started out as a gifted engineer who never really understood women. Having only had 1 relationship with a girl who he thought was just “ok” for him. In the back of his mind he wondered if there was more to his life or if he had to settle because he wouldn’t be able to meet anyone else.

Rishi recalls his foray into style: “Upon reading community material, I stumbled upon Brad P’s fashion bible and he talked about sexy stereotypes.  I’ve evolved my style slowly to basically a well tailored suit (+ some edgy elements through certain ties, shirts, pocket squares, etc).  I dress down, but still with business-like elements during daygame.”

The Fashion Bible got him started, and since then he has been constantly improving his look.

One of his focus areas was believing that he was actually good looking and combating stereotypes, “I had to ensure I was not perceived as a typical nerdy engineer when opening, or as a typical Indian guy.”

Here are some pictures from Rishi before the change:

Rishi before 1 mens style


Rishi before 2 mens style

2. Approach / Recommendations

  • He tried experimenting with different styles (e.g.: business-like with tough-guy, or punk with entrepreneur) didn’t work well: I tried mixing styles as in BradP’s fashion bible, but I couldn’t pull it off.  Going all out as a certain persona worked better (in my case, business-guy or hitman / mafia look).
  • If I’m dressed too formal (like I just came out of my accounting job at the bank) then I get blown out a lot more.  But as long as I incorporate some fun elements, it doesn’t make too much difference whether I go out in a fitted dress shirt and stylish jeans vs a full suit.
  • Rishi on advice to others on the same path:

Think of what persona you identify with.  Do you see yourself as a musician / artist?  Athlete?  Something else?

Then check out some lookbook sites like http://www.lookbook.nu or http://www.dapperlou.com and get ideas for outfits. Start putting together looks before going into a store to get an idea of what items you need to buy, and then purchase only a few items.  Go out, see how you feel and how things go.

You’ll gradually evolve your look, or realize it’s a dead end for you and start anew.  In my opinion, it takes time to find a good style.

4. Results (Speak for themselves)

 Rishi after 1 mens style

Rishi after 2 mens style

Rishi after 3 mens style purple shirt silver tie


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