• Reverse Game

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: When a girl is super into you or otherwise think you are higher value than her by a significant amount. I.E. Playing game by de-valuating yourself instead of assuming high value.

    Full Definition:

    In certain situations, the PUA will have situational confidence or value based on his position within a venue or social situation. For example, the captain of a football team, or the host of a major international student house, or a A-list movie star at a local bar.

    Premiere Twilight LA

    Example of crazy Twilight fan girls

    The girl may just be reacting to his perceived higher status. Celebrities often need to run reverse game to make normal civilian girls feel more comfortable. Ultimately, you just want to come across as relatable. The girl has to believe that she is worth getting you, and that at least you like her somewhat. Some reverse game tactics include:

    1. “People think I am this way but really this is all the media’s perception” So I’m supposed to be …. [insert stereotype]
    2. Act silly or make dorky remarks, “actually, I’m not that good at math at all!”
    3. Talk authentically as if you were talking to a new friend
    4. Make jokes that laugh
    5. “I’m so uncomfortable under all this attention”

    Marissa Miller is also one of the few female models that is able to connect well with her audience, despite her great looks. She is faster and better at depicting herself as a real person, talking about her history in Santa Cruz and motorcycle riding:

    In essence, reverse game is just conversing people authentically and helping them get to know you as a real person. Sometimes, it is important to recognize if someone is insecure, and therefore you may want to do what you can to make them feel good, but don’t take on their problems as your own. At the end of the day, no PUA wants to end up with an insecure girl.

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